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ODA 50th Anniversary

Conservation Tip, when walking on National Trail

When walking within the Scheduled Monument Area please walk side by side instead of single file and avoid walking in already worn lines. This effectively doubles the carrying capacity of the grass paths and helps to prevent damage and erosion to the monument. 

The Offa’s Dyke Association 1969 - 2019

The Offa’s Dyke Association (ODA) charity was established in 1969 by Knighton archaeologist and school teacher Frank Noble, with the aim ‘to promote the conservation, improvement and better knowledge of the Welsh border region along Offa’s Dyke and the National Footpath’.

Fifty years later the ODA’s aim remains the same with an emphasis on the conservation of Offa’s Dyke for future generations. In other words it is a friends’ group for both the National Trail and the Monument. The work of the ODA includes interpretive educational displays at the Offa’s Dyke Centre in Knighton, partnering with Cadw and Historic England in a project to develop a Conservation Management Plan for the Dyke, and also managing its own Conservation Fund to support the cost of conservation projects along both the Dyke and National Trail.

The ODA is self-supporting and receives no governmental support. This 50th anniversary year sees the launch of a paid for souvenir The Offa’s Dyke Walkers’ Passport. All proceeds will go to the Conservation Fund so the more walkers that buy the Passport the more projects the ODA will be able to support. Membership of the ODA is available from £20 per annum with regular newsletters and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to preserve an internationally important monument.

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